SLGA is a alliance of Small and medium green groups around Sri Lanka. They believe in political and civil action to promote green principles in policy making and real ground level action. Being Green is not just planting trees. It’s more than that. These principles are Ecological Wisdom, Social justice, Non violence, sustainability and respect for diversity.

SLGA has developed a Sri Lanka Green Charter and waiting it to be adopted in the Congress soon.

Greens are the world largest political network and Sri Lanka Green Alliance belongs to the Asia Pacific Region. At the moment they are an associate member of the regional federation where their convener is serving a 5 year term as the youngest ever person to get elected to a regional political body in the world.

For now they are in the process of educating our young population about green principles and what does it really mean to be green. As you have notices Green is not just planting trees. It goes beyond that and extends in all human activities.

Currently Sri Lanka is taking the path of neo liberal development by step by step where our energy generation is dependent upon (Earlier it was depended upon Europe,) India or China. Their industrial and agro infrastructure is governed to the needs of foreign countries and politicians in every party have very little understanding to this.

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Sri Lanka Green Alliance is collective initiative of people who call themselves as greens. In other terms they are people who believe in the global greens charter. The charter is the driving force of green inspiration for political as well as non political movements for green initiatives around the world.

But one must not mistake that they are a “copycat” of some international green organization or network. SLGA or Sri Lanka green Alliance accepts the socio political realities of Sri Lanka and believe that their country and its people should build its own green politicians in line with the famous green charter.

As Sri Lankan socio Political reality does not drive the country to have a conventional type green organization, SLGA believes that it’s best to have an alliance of people, initiatives and organizations to spread the good news about going green and making the countries politics green till the time is right to come in to mainstream politics.

SLGA believes that by making the countries policy makers going green in their manifestos will have a strong and radical push towards making Sri Lankan politics Green. They believe that their people throughout the last several millennia’s has practiced sustainable life styles and develop a format which they can employ even today to solve our global crisis of continuing their civilization. In their work SLGA will try to make the existing political and social setup of the country which is largely Victorian fed to adopt and practice our old ways of living.

They use whatever opportunity offered to us by their country and its people to promote and practice green policies in the charter to make their country a leading voice in making the planet which they live in green.

Officially they are a Associate Member of the Asia Pacific Greens Network. Their Convenor Sanka Chandima Abayawardena was elected to the Coordinating Committee of the Asia Pacific Greens Network in the recently held APGN Congress in Taiwan.