Murdering the climate cause with Carbon offsetting

Doing something is better than doing nothing… Yes it’s absolutely true. But how can carbon offsetting, be doing something.

How Carbon trade is blocking fundamental rights

Since carbon trade is done and mostly governed by business minds.


Bigger and richer multinationals will use the global trend on carbon selling to prevent smaller counties from sustainable development by increasing their dependency on Carbon dollars. It’s shifting from petro dollars to carbon dollars.

In Sri-Lanka and in many other countries in the world, many European countries along with their corporations with purely selfish political ambitions have tried so many occasions to gain control over strategically important areas using large investment projects or by imposing financial and political conditions through Word Bank, IMF or their counter parts.

Thus carbon trade will facilitate a new type of financial and social pressure unbearable to those who resisted such types of empiricisms and slavery. Since this new trade is coming in the foam of environmental protection it will be theoretically impossible for a population to resist such attempt as they were using environmental slogans’ to flight.

Parties who pollute and emitting more carbon and other types of harmful gases will be given with a opportunity to cover their effect on earth by spending large quantities of money which they have earned by polluting the environment. For large corporations who establish subsidiaries to handle Carbon trading will be able to say that they themselves cancel out their foot print and henceforth they do no harm. Industries will b able to buy off lesser foot print with their black market capabilities, and at the same time they will be able to expand their stretching’s.

Proposing or even thinking of such a capitalistic idea is like proposing for a future of consulting the theft’s mother for the theft goods by his son.

Once the most top level business minded opportunists get their hands upon this wonderful idea of creating new forests caps purely operating with financial terms, they will certainly use that opportunity to liberalize the carbon market than any one is predicting today increasing the bedsides which most don’t tent to discuss. Thus the entire Global environmental campaign will begin to depend upon the very money its rejecting.

Industries who pollute more and the ones who pressurize politicians to stay out of all known Global environmental protocols will establish cover up wings to use carbon trade and business reforesting processes to white paint their ugly hands.

If green’s decided to promote this outrageous idea which thinks “environment is for sale”, the responsibility of putting the entire global campaign to reduce emission and to adapt green friendly structures in jeopardy.

How can one be so stupid to assume that by planting trees as proposed by a business planer can actually be used to soak up all the pollution, we human kind is doing to earth? Don’t forget the level of Co2 is the highest in last 6 million years according to the supporters of Carbon off setting.

What we have to decide is that are Young Greens are going end up being so stupid-dump-beetles? , that we are going to be in a position to support a capitalistic phenomenon to replace the green policy to reduce emission we fight so hardly for.

In most of the so called developing world, countries have started to set themselves free of giant octopus corporations by integrating in to their own types of local financial processes. One o the biggest threats for those countries in the feature will be unethical types of governing protocols on emissions (means corporations will increase the burden on countries who doesn’t corporate with them by influencing international bodies). Thus it is evident that the no one should be doing anything that might help multinational octopus’s to gain control over territories of environment protection.

Smaller countries with smaller buying power and smaller markets will be perfect pray to these ugly multinational octopuses with an emission control face. So far this green friendly face wasn’t simply available for the bad smelling and ugly octopus corporations who seek so badly for such a face. This was primarily due to the window of opportunity to convert global flight for the protection and conservation of environment in to a nice profitable business was so small.

Now the question is that are greens who is currently leading the way to a new alternative world structure is going to make the way for International robbers?